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    Its first edition counted on the presentation of actor Gerson de Abreu and the X puppet, which dealt with everyday subjects and curiosities in general. There was also the participation of ... There was also the participation of ...,The best way to see "Carousel" is in a theatre, but see it. It is sometimes shown on American Movie Classics cable channel in its original widescreen version. Lean back and enjoy. It is sometimes shown on American Movie Classics cable channel in its original widescreen version.,Kevin has sworn off sex to win back his former fiancé when he meets a beautiful escort named Zade. Over the course of a legendary party, Zade just might provide the spark that this heartbroken idealist needs to turn his life around.,Troubled couples have intercourse in a soundproof, camera free, box. They then emerge back to the stage in silky robes to begin talking about their problems with a therapist.,Sex & Mrs. X Not Rated | 1h 40min | Drama , Comedy | TV Movie 10 April 2000 A woman regains her sense of self through a sexual reawakening after her husband leaves her for another woman.,One night, Kripa is on the run from sex and violence when he meets Sadhavi, a woman who strangely resembles his dead mother. She gives him shelter and teaches him to travel inwards through sex.,Sex as a subject in this drama is not treated as porn, or something dirty, or something we would feel shameful about, or even exotic. Unlocking many myths, it shows reliable and predictable data on human responses to various stimuli. Ironically though, it is also correlated with many unhappy marriages and other adjustment problems.,During the filming of the first sex scene, Pedro Jaén R. was embarrassed and didn't do it well. Then a technician passionately kissed the other actor and made the action, showing that nothing happened. Pedro tried again and it was perfect.,Sex Machine Horror | Video 28 December 2005 A man with his face wrapped in gauze comes out of a trance: he's holding a gun, pointed at a pleading man; several dead bodies and a valise of $100 bills are at his feet.,Ik know there's a lot of sex in it and yes, there are a lot of suspicious coincidences, but I looked past that. For starters, I loved the story, it wasn't boring at all, despite what some may say. It was a sort of twisty fairytale to me, just like 'Los Amantes del Circulo Polàr' was.

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