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    Alternate Versions The 1997, 1999 MGM, and 2000 Warner DVDs of "Poltergeist" feature an entirely different end credits sequence. The credits begin roughly 15 seconds earlier, over the tracking shot of the Holiday Inn, and the sequence in which they appear is different entirely, including some re-arranging on the cast list, and Martin Casella's ...,The shot of the chairs that position themselves in the amazing balancing act on the table was all done in one take. As the camera panned along with JoBeth Williams, who was getting some cleaning materials, several crew members quickly set an already organized pyramid of chairs on the table, then took the single chairs away before the camera ...,Directed by Damiano Damiani. With James Olson, Burt Young, Rutanya Alda, Jack Magner. A family moves into their new home, which proves to be satanic, resulting in the demonic possession of the teenage son. Only the local priest can save him.,Even though the movie is set New York City, most of the filming was done on locations in and around Boston. These locations include Chinatown in Boston, Easton, the old South Weymouth Naval Air Station (now Union Point condo complex) in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, and the old Everett High School in Everett, Massachusetts.,Directed by J.T. Petty. With Lance Henriksen, Karl Geary, Alexis Dziena, Keith Robinson. A man enclosed in a plastic bubble, his sister, and their best friend must defend an apartment complex from the mutant Judas Breed insects.,As in The Incredibles (2004), Frozone's wife Honey does not appear on-screen. She is only heard yelling at her husband from off camera as he runs off to don his super suit and help the Parr Family, again just like last time.,In the scene where Indy has to choose which cup is the grail, he picks the right one by saying "That's the cup of a carpenter". The Bible never says outright that Jesus was a carpenter, but since His Earthly "father" Joseph was, in that culture, Jesus would have been raised learning the trade.

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